Mamil’s biggest sales contributor is Aeon Group, which consist of Aeon and Aeon Big. As part of a business partnership, Mamil has agreed to deliver two customized shopper program with Aeon Group per year. The shopper program has to be an integrated one that comes with promotion and in-store activities.

The Assignment

Our job was to design a shopper program that meets the business agreement between Mamil and Aeon Group, in support of Mamil’s “Let It Out” national campaign. The program is targeted to increase the number of Mamil consumers and deliver 35% offtake sales for Mamil in both Aeon chains during the campaign period.


After the milk crisis in the previous year that caused Danone Dumex to recall some of its milk products for possible botulism contamination, Mamil’s position in Aeon Group has been strongly challenged by competitors. As a result of the crisis, Mamil suffered a sales declination of almost half and though the sales is on a track of recovery, Mamil still has a big gap to close.


The Game Plan

We presented a road show plan as a marketing strategy to communicate the effectiveness of Mamil products in addressing digestion problems. The road show was aimed at encouraging Aeon shoppers to take on the 7-day activation challenge by Mamil to solve digestion problems in children.


During the campaign, we deployed our manpower of friendly promoters to engage with the shoppers. We did this by conducting wet sampling in selected Aeon and Aeon Big outlets to allow shoppers to try out Mamil products.


As we have expected, parents were caught up with Mamil’s promotions and that was why we intentionally designed the layout of the road show to incorporate a children’s playground to keep young children entertained. We had also put together an instant photobooth to promote the campaign on social media. The highlight of the campaign was an opportunity to redeem a musical potty, an eye-catching product that caught the attention of many.


The Result

The project was a huge success. Not only did we succeeded to hit our sales target in delivering more than 35% offtake sales for Mamil, but we also observed that many came to redeem the musical potty with an accumulated purchase of RM500 worth of Mamil products, resulting in an increase of Mamil consumers. The wet sampling managed to convince potential consumers into choosing Mamil as their preferred milk choice.


June 2014 Nationwide

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