Herbalife is a global nutrition company that provides health products. The company also offers a rewarding platform for individual business opportunity. By tradition, Herbalife will host an annual convention called Herbalife Spectacular for its members and the public.


The Assignment

In 2013, we helped put together a three-day event for Herbalife Spectacular. The convention included an awards night and an exclusive gala dinner. We were assigned to conceptualize the entire event from the start to finish. This assignment required us to be meticulous in our planning as a lot of details were involved across the three different days.


This was an event that strives to engage with Herbalife attendees in a fun environment and encourage sales. Our team learned fast to familiarise themselves with Herbalife convention styles and learned up on Herbalife product range to promote sales.


The Game Plan

For the venue, we recced for a stadium and a hotel that could accommodate the number of expected guests. After conducting much background research, we went with Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil to hold the convention and Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre for the gala dinner.


In terms of stage design, we designed a stage that was flexible to facilitate back stage logistics in order for Herbalife programmes to flow smoothly. This was especially important with frequent transitions on stage, such as coordinating different people to come up on stage during the awards ceremony that took place during the convention.


To bring up the atmosphere of the event, we fabricated certain props with the Herbalife brand to enhance the mood of the environment. We also brought in talents like singers and dancers to perform for the convention to keep the audience entertained. Their energy-filled performances were complimented with our lighting system and the company of our sound equipments.


On sales and promotions, we set up merchandise booths at strategic areas of the convention to garner support and gain attraction. We got in promoters to promote on Herbalife product knowledge and increase Herbalife sales.


The Result

Herbalife went with our proposal of suggestions and a supportive crowd of over 10,000 people turned up for Herbalife’s 2013 convention. The audience responses were positive and sales targets were met. Herbalife Spectacular 2013 was a big success and following after, we continued to assist Herbalife in organising Herbalife Spectacular for 2014 and 2015.


25-27 January 2013 at Stadium Bukit Jalil

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