We suggested a brand activation to our client, Schwarzkopf to promote their range of hair care products in the community with a mobile truck road show. They agreed to our three-month proposal.


The Assignment

To design the mobile truck, plan for the dates and locations that the mobile truck will be at, coordinate with the respective site owners on this campaign, come up with marketing ideas, handle the campaign promotion over social media and other collaterals, as well as deploy promoters to sell Schwarzkopf products.


The Game Plan

We started off with the fabrication of the mobile truck interior, where we customised the truck to double up as a safe mini show room when it is opened up. To reach out to Schwarzkopf’s target market within the community, we arranged for locations that was focused towards consumers at colleges/universities, business areas and retails outlets.


Our marketing activities included a complimentary hair scan and simple games that offers the products as prizes. Being on the go, we took into consideration the short attention span of the general crowd and came up with familiar games like snake & ladder to save on time.


For promotion, we managed it over social media by mentioning where the mobile truck is headed over Facebook at peak hours. We recruited promoters and ensure they had Schwarzkopf product knowledge for this project.


The Result

The campaign was well received by the public. Many were attracted by the sight of the mobile truck and came by to view it. The complimentary hair scan received a lot of attention and our goal to promote Schwarzkopf to the community was a success.


June-Aug 2013 Nationwide

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